well, I am awake a lot earlier than expected. "Why," you might inquire, "is that?". WELL actually, my neighbor from the room beneath me, a person who I hae never met before, apparently went to a party last night and on her way back got off on the wrong floor, a decision which caused her to mistake my room (with me slumbering inside) with her own one floor down. Hence, this morning at 8:30- a scarce three hours after having gone to bed- I am playing good samaritan for my neighbor, who has an empty beer bottle in one hand and a styrofoam cup in the other. Apparently there was a party on the second floor (the much-dreaded Japanese floor) yesterevening where many libations were imbibed by said neighbor, who then managed to find my room and pass out in front of it at 8 in the AM.

Last night I went to my friend's house and watched a horror movie called "Ring 2", the sequel to a movie where a devil woman in a video tape killed everyone who watched the tape within a week of their having seen the tape. Unfortunately, we put the wrong VCD on first and ended up seeing the end before the beginning. After that I came back to my dormitory and played mahjongg from 8 to 1 AM, which was 2 AM because we had to switch the clocks yesterday. I am going back to bed.