Alert: First posting. Please be tolerant I’ve always thought that it is much easier to accept grammatical or spelling errors on screen than it is on paper. Conversely, it is a lot easier to spot errors on paper than it is on-screen. I’m going to extend this personal view to a more general experience, and conclude that it is therefore natural for people who live their lives through screens—television, computer, phone, PDA— to have less respect for the minutiae of the English language than it is for those of us who spent our formative years absorbing information through printed media. Despite twenty years or more of using computers and screens to write, edit and correct text, I always find more errors when I check a print-out than when I simply look on screen. Using a spellchecker and viewing on-screen is fine for most forms of communication: it’s easy to get things 99.9 percent right that way. If, however, you want to go that little bit further, and get everything right—or have the errors counted in parts per million—then you need to make a print-out, and to have it read by three or four people. Then, of course, you have to make sure that those people don’t try to change the style, or the meaning, or the words, but that is a separate issue.