The rain fills me with inexplicable joy, especially when it arrives unexpected and sudden. If it’s cold it energizes my being; if it’s warm it soothes me – I can’t lose. I laugh and smile or sing to myself as it pitter-patters a special Morse code message onto my skin, and if I could I’d dance and wrap the smell it brings all around myself.
If I’m inside when it comes by, I’ll get myself comfy and watch it at my window, and let its rhythmic pulse get me in a zone; deep inside my happy place. And I’ll trace its sweat beads down the glass.

maybe I like the rain because of a poem by Thomas Hardy that I read long ago and that I've loved ever since...

She wore a 'terra-cotta' dress,
And we stayed, because of the pelting storm,
Within the hansom's dry recess,
Though the horse had stopped; yea, motionless
We sat on, snug and warm.

Then the downpour ceased, to my sharp sad pain,
And the glass that had screened our forms before
Flew up, and out she sprang to her door:
I should have kissed her if the rain
Had lasted a minute more.