I had a dream of a man
who hacked his way through a thick forest
before finally landing on the shore of a little lake.

He found a moon on the horizon, full and
swollen amongst the stars. And without reason,
he began to throw pebbles into the sky,

then he stood still and watched.
The moon slipped off the sky,
and sank into the waters edge.

Later in my dream, the man had leaped
into the lake and was racing towards
the waters edge in the liquid darkness.

And then, there he saw
what he didn't think he would.
He had swum for ever when he found it -

- a light glowing at the bottom-
in a shape distinctly feminine with delicately
luminous skin and unmatched beauty.

She had been struck unconscious
by a wound that gushed
a scarlet veil around her face.

He felt a peculiar feeling and so
he pulled her to shore, did what he could,
and stayed by her throughout the night.

The next morning he found he had fallen asleep
And she had disappeared. So he waited.
But the moon did not rise that night.