Accident alert they call it. The time when accidents without injuries do not require police action at the moment. Cars torn in places where they once were solid, curses hurled at the sky, fists shaken, insurance information exchanged.

The drive to work. Normally merely an annoyance. I hate driving. So many people, eager to get to where they want to be. Eager to get there on time. Eager to walk their dogs with hundreds of other dog owners. The Furry Scurry today. So many dogs, so many.

May 1st. Beltane. May Day. Fertility, a pole, streamers. Lying naked on the bed, eyes of comprehension. In a car, torn from the work commute, screeching tires. Late to work, pieces of my compact car left on the SUV I met in coital anger.

Today I give up driving forever. I won't miss it.