Saturday: I went to a BBQ at a place I volunteer at, and lock my bike in the same place I have for over a year. The neighborhood isn't the best, but I've never had problems before. When I come back, though, someone jacked the seat. I took the bus home--had I had a seat for my bike, I could have been back before the bus even arrived at the stop.

Sunday: Because my bike is my primary mode of transportation, I had to take my parents' car up to REI. I bought a new seatpost, saddle, and rear flasher. As soon as I got home, I try to put the seatpost in, but it stuck after a couple inches, so I left it until the next morning.

Monday (today): I woke up with (what I thought was) plenty of time to get this seat on. When I got out to the garage, however, and tried to push the seat down, it didn't move. I tried to take it out; it didn't move. I end up calling in to work saying that I couldn't make it, and sat around until my mom came back from work.

As soon as I had a car again, I took the bike up to REI, in an attempt to get them to get the seat out. The two bike repair shop guys looked at it, and tried to pull the seat out, without luck. Oil didn't help. They even called over a tall guy for better leverage (the seat was only in about 3 inches), and he couldn't move it. I was told I was S.O.L. (the repair guy's words, not mine), and that my two options were to either use a blow torch to heat the seat tube so it would expand, or to hacksaw the thing off my bike and toss it.

In the end, I took the bike home, and later that evening, with the aid of a monkey wrench and a hammer, my dad and I managed to twist and pound the seatpost out of the seat tube. Happy, I drove back to REI, exchanged the seatpost, got a new seat clamp (non-quick-release, which was the problem in the first place), and drove home. Listening to jazz on the radio, I turn into the garage, and hear an awful noise--a "bike rack breaking and twisting as bike hits the garage" sound. In the end, I totaled one of the rooftop tracks, bent a foot for the whole rooftop system (fortunately not so much that it isn't repairable), and probably killed my bike's rear rack. The car and the bike itself were both fine.

So, my question is, is this a "Comedy of Errors" thing, or just bad karma?