An excellent work of fantasy by Steven Brust, telling the "story behind the story" of how Heaven was created, how God and Satan came into being, and what happened that caused Satan to rebel and, eventually, be cast out of Heaven.

The book is best approached from a very open-minded perspective. If you're a church-goer and believe everything you were taught in Sunday school, you will throw this book at the wall and scream about it being sacriligous and blasphemous. And then I will hit you.

But if you come at it from a neutral point of view and willfully accept the book's portrayal of Yaweh and Satan, I'm pretty sure you will find it very rewarding.

I've long held the opinion that God was a fucking bastard and Satan was just a humble angel who got fucked for not putting up with God's shit. This book confirms that point of view. Read it.