I awoke from an entirely too-restful slumber at approximately 12:30 this afternoon. Mere seconds after my awakening, I had already begun to wallow in the sheer unadulterated bliss that is unemployment.

I pulled myself out of bed, threw some clothes on. I took special delight in being able to open my bottom drawer (which is, in itself, quite odd because I keep most of my clothes on the floor) and put on my favorite sweater. Today was the first day that it's been cold enough to justify wearing my favorite sweater. Already, my day was looking up. I draw some kind of inexplicable happiness from wearing this particular sweater. I could generally care less about what clothes I'm wearing at any given moment, and if you stop me, cover my eyes, and ask me, at some random point during the day, what clothes I'm wearing, chances are I'd have no idea. But wearing this sweater makes happy for some reason that I can't explain logically.

After taking great pride in making an actual conscious decision regarding the clothes I was going to wear today (this happens very rarely, as you may have gathered), I went out and bought myself some saltine crackers, several bottles of Easy Cheese, and a few pounds of yummy yogurt-covered almonds in anticipation of a day full of couch-sitting and movie-watching.

I arrived back at my apartment and suddenly, as if my eyes had been opened for the first time, realized that the place was a pigsty. So, in an unprecedented display of non-bachelorness, I set about cleaning the place up. After several hours of this, my apartment, while still messy by most standards, was a shining pearl of beauty by my own standards. I plopped down on the couch with my crackers and Easy Cheese and yogurt covered almonds and proceeded to watch Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. This made me quite happy, because I love Tim Burton movies.

I then spent an hour or so listening to my collection of haunting Danny Elfman themes and writing email to friends. Then I decided I felt like seeing another movie, so I went out and saw Almost Famous. I love seeing movies by myself, because then I can go and watch them later with other people and they seem like entirely different movies. After seeing that movie, I for some reason felt extremely happy and joyous and alive, so I drove home with the windows down, my new God Lives Underwater CD blaring loudly and satisfyingly from my new stereo, letting the frigid night air play with my hair.

What a beautiful night. What a wonderful day. I am reveling in my laziness. It makes me sad to think that on Monday I'll have to get up early and start my new job.