There was a writeup here, earlier. Several pages of text all about my feelings on the direction E2 has taken and the changes in editorial policy. It was the same text I emailed to Kidas in response to his survey. Kidas sent me a kind /msg letting me know that other noders were referring him to my words instead of sending him their own, and we decided it would be good if I removed the content of my writeup for the time being and replaced it once Kidas had concluded his survey.

This was done a few hours ago. I simply saved the old writeup, then replaced it with several paragraphs explaining the situation and asking people to please participate in Kidas's survey. Then I went off and had some breakfast, played with the cat, applied for a job. I came back and found a message from a helpful noder asking where my writeup had gone. Lo and behold, my daylog had up and disappeared. Disintegrated. No message from Klaproth, no message from a god, not even a message from a content editor. The writeup did not appear in node row and I can only assume it won't show up in node heaven. Nope, it took an observant fellow noder to let me know that my daylog -- what I thought was the last refuge for personal expression on E2 -- had been deleted without a trace.

After I asked for assistance in the chatterbox and was being helped by another god, the god who had zapped my writeup sent me a message. The message was, "If you're asking about that daylog, I removed it. I thought that's what you wanted." I was happy to find out what had happened to my writeup, but also upset because the god hadn't given me a chance to preserve the contents. I explained the situation to him. His reply was, "Well, I was glad you removed it. That was exactly what I warned Kidas would happen when he first posted that survey. And it defeats the whole purpose (whatever that is) of the survey. Thanks for understanding."

He thanked me for understanding, as if I agreed with his decision to zap my daylog -- not just nuke it, but delete it without warning and without any trace -- simply because he thought that's what I wanted. He did this instead of sending me a /msg saying "Would you like me to delete your writeup?" or "I don't think your writeup is appropriate, here's my point of view...".

If this doesn't sum up my feelings on the current editorial policy, I don't know what does.

yossarian has helpfully informed me that my deleted writeup should show up in node heaven after the standard 48 hours, despite skipping Klaproth and node row. Thanks, yossarian.