Verizon eats shit

Earlier this month I got an email from Paytrust, the online bill paying service I use, saying that my phone bill from Verizon had arrived. I went to the site to view my bill, and was somewhat surprised to see that they wanted $95. My usual bill is around $40 (which is a major ripoff, since I only have local service and never call long distance). After perusing the bill for a moment, I realized that the balance of the previous month's bill had been carried over and Verizon was claiming it was "unpaid".

Odd, because I distinctly remember paying it.

Just for kicks, I got out my latest bank statement and, lo and behold, check number 7007 had not been cashed. So, I send Verizon the check, they forget to cash it, and then they blame me for the mistake and ask for more money? Just to make sure the check was actually sent (see, Paytrust sends it for me, I don't actually touch it), I called up Paytrust's tech support line. The woman on the other end was very helpful and, after checking her records, assured me that the check had been sent the day I authorized it and that, if I wanted, she would open a three-way call to Verizon so we could figure the problem out. I opted to just wait and see what happened. I paid Verizon the $95.

That was all two weeks ago. Today I got my latest bank statement in the mail and I was mildly surprised to find that, not only was check number 7007 cashed, it was cashed the day after Verizon sent me my bill saying that I hadn't paid them their money. Sneaky bastards.

So now Verizon has the $45 I owed them from last month, plus the $45 I owed them this month, plus ANOTHER $45 that they claimed I owed them but really didn't. And their bill support center isn't open until Monday.

I fucking hate Verizon.