I'm going on a field trip with the rest of my high school. I don't know why I'm there, because I graduated several years ago. Nevertheless, there I am. Somehow, we've managed to charter a Boeing 747 for this trip.

Everything's cool until, for some reason, we run out of fuel midflight. The pilot is forced to set the plane down on a small country road, dodging powerlines and pickup trucks. We land safely, and then we call for help. Unfortunately, we are told that help will not arrive for another few hours, because everyone's off at some anti-crime conference learning how to say no to drugs or something.

The pilot is suddenly extremely tired, and has to get off the plane. While poking around in the cockpit, I discover that the right side fuel tank is completely full, and the only reason we ran out of fuel was because the fuel tank selector had been set only to draw from the left tank. A vote among the students decides that we should take off again and fly to our final destination. Sadly, the pilot is too tired to fly anymore. So everyone wants me to do it.

I've flown 747s a lot in simulators, but never in real life. I tell them this, but still they insist that I fly the plane. So I agree. I get into takeoff position on the road and try to figure out how I'm going to get the plane to lift off precisely between the powerlines that cross the road at regular intervals, but suddenly it's rush hour and there's bumper to bumper traffic and I can't take off.

The dream ends.