If I had any sense, I would be studying accounting right now, or assembling the linkagery for a local blog I contribute to, but I think it's pretty obvious I don't have any sense, so here I am, noding.

I'm making progress on the accounting stuff. I'm slam-dunking the tax stuff. I've pretty much given up on internet spaceships for the duration; if I could just find a way to quit spending so much damn time on Facebook, I'd be making even more progress on the four classes I've blown off for now so I can concentrate on the ball-busting Intermediate Accounting and Cost Accounting classes.

The weight has been ping-ponging around between 365 and 358 this month; being sick with the flu/a cold/allergies/the plague hasn't helped, since it's screwed up my blood sugar and made it hard to concentrate on not shoveling carbohydrates into the old piehole. But I keep on. I will reach 350, and then 300, and eventually I will be down around 225 again. At which point nobody will recognize me, heh.

All this goes on against the backdrop of an old friend's slow death in a Baltimore hospital; his kidneys have failed him, and nobody is too certain what's going on with his liver. Nobody expects him to make it out of the hospital alive, but we all keep up the facade of hope.