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Hello, My name is Kristin Ramsay and I am a 32 year old female currently living in Georgia; However, am moving back to suburbia Chicago this upcoming December. People, Places and everyday instances are "ass backwards" in the South, especially if you grew up in the Midwest. The pros are people take their time, are considerate to fellow hillbillies and lack of really cold winters; The cons are that 75% of people cannot drive well, but everyone needs to own wheels because there is NO Public Transportation System (PTS) --Old train stations are now historic restraunt/Bars, ACE Hardwares, or the such-- and lastly, natives are not too intelligent. Hence, my snow-dog, Cody, and I are both extremely happy to be "HOME" soon! Cody is my 13 year old Siberian Husky/Shetland Sheepdog as well as my foot-warmer and best buddy. Many ask if he is a wolf because of his mask and beautiful markings and looks as if he could behave furiously. Thruth be told, Cody is a people, animal and stuff animal lover.

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computing, gaming, animal-lover,