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Ok, me in twenty seconds or less…

Ok, where to start…

I live in southern California, about 35 miles from Los Angeles. Rent a condo from a good friend of mine. Am self employed, Computer Consulting, custom systems, and networks. Since the IT market has been rather slow I have been doing property maintenance for private homes (I have 20 yrs in maintenance). I have a fairly large client base by word of mouth, so, I am usually backed up with work. I am thinking of hiring a couple of people, but, it is hard to trust your personal reputation to someone else..


I have quite a few hobbies and interests that I enjoy, although by the time that I have the time to enjoy them all I want to do is relax.

Where was I? Oh ya. Hobbies. Computers of course. I love woodworking, I have a shop in my garage and like to make all kinds of pieces. I do both furniture and free carving, and I’m not too bad at it either.

I love to surf (long board) when I have the time, I have to get a new board for this summer though. To a dump off a 7 footer last season and stress cracked all 11’ of my Stazzi. Broke my heart.

I can cook in four languages, that’s how I earned a living through high school and college.

Don’t have much time for reading books and end up doing most of my reading on the internet.


I also have a dog (Shelby Ann) . She is so spoiled!! But just too damn cute….

Huggs, Doug