The art of creative layout and design, specifically in the world of publishing, advertising, and printing. Graphic artists are also known as graphic designers, and 'art' and 'design' are used pretty much interchangeably (see graphic design).

Graphic art requires a good concept of basic artistic precepts, but coupled with an industrial edge used to present an idea or concept in a palatable and intriguing way. Take, for instance; creative packaging, a magazine cover that caught your eye, or a printed advertisement that has imprinted itself in your memory.

Graphic art has changed over the years to fit the conveyance that the technology of the time allowed, from old fashioned handset type, to new digital publishing techniques. All in all, howerver, it is still an art form, and varies from individual to individual in terms of concept, creative perception, and delivery. In this vein, there are is no true right way to present an idea... but there may be several wrong ways. Graphic art, at heart, is the pursuit of finding the most appropriate right way, and doing so in a way that makes your intended audience take notice, remember, and incorporate your idea.