The human growth hormone (hGH, somatropine) is mentioned for people whose own hGH production level is insufficient. NOT for people who'd prefer to be tall for aesthetical reasons nor top athletics who also use hGH supplements (1). The pharmaceutical hGH production is via genetic engineering the microorganisms, but before the GMO-era it was extracted from sheep brains (2). This may give a link to the CJD mentioned in the previous write-up, like the possible link between animal feed based on sheep products to BSE to CJD. However, at the moment of writing this (the story with the prions) isn't scientifically proven. The hGH treatment of children who do have insufficient hGH production of their own tends to be beneficiary, but when children are treated who don't have a shortage of own hGH, the treatment must be finished, otherwise it will result in a delayed growth pattern. Reported side effects of the treatment are psychic disfunction and a possible relation with leukemia (1).

The text is a small section of my thesis Applied Philosophy, called "Acceptance of genetically modified microorganisms on the basis of points of view of life".
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