It's my birthday today.

So I got up on time to finish off the cream-and-pineapple pie and packed up the other two (see Arretjescake) heading off to work. Thing is, it's a Dutch custom to bring in pies for your colleagues, to be eaten during the coffee break between 10 and 10.30 am. We skipped that, and ate the whole day long because I baked way too much.
The other years I got marriage proposals because of my baking results (??), but this time they were amazed that even a geek woman can bake and because of that they were thinking+saying "that I know it all" (this definitly is untrue), as if the fact that I can bake makes me "a complete person"!! not. or do men think so??

Anyway, I had emails and Hallmark stuff from friends (not from my family yet, hm!), so the day wasn't really productive at all (as if the other days are), and just half an hour to go before the weekend starts :-)