I have bumped into this node more than once and always leave feeling more than a little cheated by “witty” reductions of womankind, written by men who fall back on tired stereotypes and worn out one liners. I certainly have my own opinions about women and I could fill volumes about what I have learned as a result of being one, but I was steered in the direction of a wonderful book, Cunt, by Inga Musico which sums it all up.

Women are blue-black as the ocean’s deepest knowledge, creamy-white ‘n lacy blue veined, freshly ground cinnamon brown. Women are Christian motorcycle dykes, militantly hetero Muslim theological scholars, Jewish-Chinese bisexual macrobiotic ballerinas. Chippewa shawwomen who fuck not just lovers, but Time and Silence too.

Women are drug addicts, anti-abortion activists and volunteers for Meals-On-Wheels. Women have AIDS, big fancy houses, post traumatic stress disorder and cockroach-infested hovels. Women are rockstars, Whores, mothers, lawyers, taxidermists, welders, supermodels, scientists, belly dancers, cops, filmmakers, athletes and nurses.

There are not many things which unite all women. I have found the word “cunt”, the word and the anatomical jewel, to be a venerable ally in my war against my own oppression. Besides global subjugation, our cunts are the only common denominator I can think of that all women irrefutably share.

We are divided from the word.
We are divided from the anatomical jewel.
I seek reconciliation.

We have profound thoughts, good brains, dreams, fabulously intricate inner workings, the power of creation and artistic talents. We are your mother, sister, girlfriend, best friend, worst enemy. We are not merely tits and ass and pussy tight pussy, though we have these things and admit they are FUCKIN’ WONDERFUL. Erections are nice and everything, but just because you get one doesn’t mean it’s a woman’s duty to hop on. We are tired of saying, “Oh, when I mean male aggression, I don’t mean you dear, you have never said a mean thing or objectified me in any way, I mean other men who raped me/hit me/made me feel like a walking fuck hole just because I have a nice place where a dick could go”. The worst offenders know who they are and seem to be the most likely to ask for exemption. The guys who do not participate in objectifying women also know who they are, and are the ones most likely to get really good sex, full time friendship and fantastic conversation with women. These are the guys who make nice lovers/husbands/boyfriends, and there are many of them.

But still...

We don’t sit around all damn day thinking about dicks and make-up.

Thanks moJoe, for making my point!