The CD "You Can Be Anything This Time Around" was released in 1970. It really does have Jimi Hendrix on bass, as well as Stephen Stills and John Sebastian on guitar, and Buddy Miles on drums. The release contains three tracks, Live and Let Live, You Can Be Anyone This Time Around and What Do You Turn On When You Turn On. The cover art says boldly, DANGEROUS ALBUM.

The CD was re-released in 1992 and contains a mini poster; “Timothy Leary for Governor of California. Come Together…Join The Party!” and shows a silhouette of Leary surrounded by mushrooms, little naked people sitting on the mushrooms and various swirls and bubbles filling in the border.

As for content, the insert offers this:

“This is probably the prototypical house album, the one which they were all built upon, with the repeats and flips of the music, with the dense mix of pop iconography slipping in and out of focus, punctuating the beat, becoming the beat, a daisychain of stuff making music.”

If you are a fan of Leary this is certainly a groovy place to go. He asks us to make it a good trip in this lifetime, reminds us that we can, indeed, be anything this time around. He takes us on a cellular trip through the body, speaks to the press (and they all seem to try to live vicariously off his high) and whips his time into a pop culture cocktail, 100 proof.