Today was Jay’s first day off in a week, and it was so long it felt like a vacation, even though I stayed up way too late last night to watch a re-run of Mr. T on Conan. I could not resist. Sure enough it was well worth it to see Mr. T play with his own doll, complete with pity list, and watch Conan’s face while they danced around the set together. I was also working on a stuffed bunny for my son and suddenly it was 4 am and I had to get some sleep.

This morning I was pretty tired but I got to sleep until 11am so I can’t complain. Katie is back to her charming self, more smiles and less boogers YAY!!!! We were doing the dishes (well, I was doing the dishes, she was stealing suds) and she looked up and said, “You are da bes Mommy, uh huh. I sink so.”

At lunch she stood on her chair, looked out the window and said, “Where’s da nieghborhood?” She spread her arms out in the universal “I-don’t-know-gesture” while making an intense jaw clenched face. We pretended that the whole neighborhood was hiding behind the train at the end of the block. She would exclaim, “I see it! There it is!” And “Uh oh! Where it go?”

We finally made it out of the house to take a walk and the sun came out. Turns out the neighborhood was there the whole time. The air smelled like decomposing leaves, a smell I always find delightful, like tea.

We listened to my super Christmas tape, songs like “Santa Claus is Smokin’ Reefer which might be by Fats Waller but I have not confirmed this, and Dean Martin singing about a “yum yummy world made for sweethearts”, quite possibly the best cheesy Christmas song ever. I always did have a thing for Dean.

We made salt dough Christmas ornaments. Jay’s were free form monsters in hues of purple and green, with google eyes and boxy teeth. I cut stars and gingerbread man shapes and painted them funny colors. Katie is an uninhibited artist. She drips paint, drags colors, mixes things I would never think of, then ends up with fantastic combinations that are rather pleasing to the eye.

I love my husband, and the delightful little people we made together.