Mouth where closed will be
Mouth where open is
Wall of hands keep the time
Whispers I (not now) I of is
The train listens to kisses well,
Fueled by the secrets of kisses
Telling this grinding taste of ache-
Smart ache-
Brick ache-
Pleasure in tender in pulling.
Propelled by canned heat.
Seesaw, this can know of something.
I, you, about to be,
Overmaking the already.
Giggles of connected limbs and wild test kisses,
Breathy by ache eyes dancing
The moan of you
I kiss to end still
(This is dancing
Standing fucklust)
Sheets in on yes under, glow
A handful of you
Your muscles and tourniquets
Door through archways to upthink bone kisses
Lips taste, nuzzle us
Your something wound into mine,
Kisses ecstatic softly discovered.
Bone slipped into a socket, not over
The grass and flowers are into it too.
To pleasure your heat,
Thoughts are dose dancing,
Fresh bloom, muscles ache joy
Rolling blooms leave/enter your lips now
Softly in optimism
Something brick fast, the love of yes
Ridiculous ache rushes,
Hips no longer alone
Reading movement
Repetitive where my heart and petals are
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you.