So tired, tornado sirens all night long, little fever babies. Then crack of dawn comes with “Miles took off his diaper and peed onna floor” and “put this dress on my dolly” and have I mentioned that I had only slept like, MAYBE, an hour. Picture me bloodshot, grit under the eyelid, whole head fuzzy and needing at least six more hours of rest.

So I was pretty cranky. Sitting on the chair, big circles under my eyes, and Katie started talking. She said a lot of stuff before I started taking notes. This is what she said:

Matters are feelings that make your body feel better for healing.

Eyes ocean wide, palms up and out, she is weighing something.

And makes your body…Columbusly, um, to chew your food.

Foot swinging.

Six days on one, and your body heals.

Eyebrows, little pencil thin arches, super high because she is on to something.

And tremendously comes up when you eat it! THAT’S part of your heart!

Lips pursed to one side, wee finger on cheek like a thinker.

And, inside your body you have a lot of food! And inside my body I have ice cream!

Quiet. Foot circles a foot above the floor.

And that’s how you loose your patience, and I run out of my spells.

Me, so glad I have been writing it all down. I could never remember the whole thing. Then, the kicker. She gets off the chair, folds her small self into my lap, puts her cheek on mine.

You know, I like it when you are my mommy. When you are kind and full of life.

Me too, punklin, monkey bean, little Katie bee, so good at being three. Me too.