E2 party. The rain, the drizzle, the soaked up bits forgetting their crisp and sogging out, making a good reason to loosen up, not obsess about my stupid hair forgetting to stay smooth. Laughing at my husband muttering “this better be good” on the way up the porch and then muttering “that wasn’t bad” four beers, three hours, and two blocks later.

The Pope all pointy and fulla sparkles.

Golden boy and his book of painted ladies, my husband, a longtime fan of bushes admiring especially the places where the make-up did not go.

dem bones, neither old nor bony, not at all the old letcher I had pictured, but rather solid. I was not able to pass my hand through his torso as with ghosts. (That was I, with the sparkling eyes, dumb grin and Led Zeppelin groupie enthusiasm overkill).

clampe leaning in with one marked up eyebrow slightly raised, I can see it through the make-up, he says with this voice in a secret, “I don’t usually wear a bat on my face.” And I believe him, and I am actually glad he clarifies this, because I think I might have a pre-conceived notion of how bat face people really are, and as it turns out I had noticed/admired his thumbprint in the nodgel before meeting him and then I had the pleasure of discovering that even in person he is lucid, friendly and probably thinking interesting thoughts.

“Tonight your secret’s safe with me…” KH

stand/alone/bitch. Suddenly appearing, looking familiar, like gahachino. And it was like two cat creatures, each admiring the stunning coat of the other. And if I could have unstuck myself I would have placed my big furry paw over hers and licked her proper behind the ears, and if I ever get the whole picture I might blow up, which is why, I hope that she reveals herself only one colorful plastic bit at a time. Otherwise, it may have been too many body parts, shocked up into the sky, making hard to sift noders, piled up in zots garden. Seems I might have stolen the blue part of her rainbow, but all I really did was make it bigger, a way bigger blue.

Sane guy and his purty hairs, a really nice genius sitting in each eye.

Testosterony cartoony karmaflux, either a yummy cereal good right out of the box, the kind of carny most girls prolly say yes too, or really eager to smear himself with pudding and lurch about in the dirt getting his wet little shirt all dirty dirty dirty…. Oh, wait, there’s the Kleenex.

Jurph (rumored to need electrocution to blast him out of his nice pants and tie) with some cute leather ass I did not identify propping each other, each with a toe hold on zot’s Short North noder colony mountain.

Zot-fot-pig on the porch, a compelling squint to his eye, playing air banjo and ner-ner-nawing his way through the creepy little ditty in Deliverance.

Phyllis Stein, who is SO not a woman, tells the dark secrets of Steve from Blue’s Clues.

Gamaliel standing near the bathroom, waiting in line and giggling about having to pee, we each cross our legs and hop, which does not help. I thought he might fly, like an airplane over the railing and although I did not indicate it at the time I adopt him for imaginary snugglets because he looks nice and has a fine fine giggle.

thefez was nothing like expected, instead kinda like a huggy bear whose voice chip has witty affirmatives instead of the bland factory kind, but also like a fuzzy caterpillar about to be a nice big butterfly.

jessicapierce, like a magnet. Somehow passing all the silly tests I never knew I was doling out. I wanted to look into her but it was like peering into the sun, best seen from a sly angle. She burned my retina, now I have this blue and very magic void burning in the center of whatever I see, and this sense that I did a thing I was supposed to do by meeting her.

And I forgot to tell someone about my pagan leanings in relation to my screen name, forgot to pass the word around that I am forever searching for real stripped tights, blue, green or red, like all the groovy fantasy witches have.

And I did not get to join the Wonkoalition, but I can see how he draws his followers. And Ideath was there and I somehow never knew or said hello.

And I met people who fell in love with each other because of E2, and when they were standing near each other they had a gravitational energy thing going on that was electric and invigorating.

And becca is all about big hugs.

And then it was over and I had to leave, my coach was turning into a pumpkin, you see. And we walked the long walk back to the car, and drove the few miles back to our apartment and I could hardly make a coherent sentence about who I met, and what we said, and what it means that I met this batch of fabulous people. But today I'm ready to tell all of you. You are groovy. No, I mean it. Ask a fish. Ask the moon. Ask the gods what they think of what is going on here. Magic going on all over the place. My stuff IS everything.