I dream I am at Kim’s house, but it is more like a motel with big windows. I look out and see a train coming right at the window, then stop at the end of the track just outside. It looks like it will come crashing through at any time. Kim says it is a very dangerous place and that the train scares her. I leave and end up in a neighborhood close by. I am looking up at rows of apartments while running down the street, trying to get somewhere. I am in a nightie, with a plunger in one hand and a teddy bear in the other. I come to this courtyard where there is a huge wedding ceremony in progress. There are all these women in wedding dresses, climbing the steps to their apartments. One of them is kind of crawling and I can see her white satin panties going up her ass. I am running and bump into a waiter carrying a tray with one piece of cake on it. When we collide, the cake hits him in the face. I tell him he could do it to me too because I am sorry it happened, and he acts like he might then he doesn’t.

I dream I am at my parents’ house. I am watching television and counting piles of change. I put the change in Taco Bell take out cups and set them in the fridge. My Mom comes out in a nightgown. She is wheeling my Father out in a lopsided wheelchair. They are both mad at me because they claim I have murdered someone. They say they are concerned about my emotional stability and therefore I must give them all my money. I tell them they can have the cold change in the fridge, and that was that.