from the "Methcathinone FAQ" available at

the designer drug 'methcathinone HCl' is also known as Cat, Jeff, Mulka or Ephedrone.

It is a schedule-1 stimulant, making it flat-out illegal like Heroin or LSD (Methamphetamine, on the other hand, is LEGAL with a valid triplicate prescription.)

Chemically, Methcathinone is 2-(methylamino)propiophenone. The name Methcathinone is derived from the name of the drug cathinone, obviously, which in turn is derived from "cathine", an alternate name for norpseudephedrine, an isomer of phenpropanolamine. The name "Ephedrone" is obviously derived from the fact that "Ephedrone" is the ketone of the alcohol that is Ephedrine.

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in the world of clandestine chemistry, the synthesis of methcathinone is usually recommended for beginners to start with, as it requires only over-the-counter products. cat has a very high potential for abuse and is both physically and psychologically addicting. tread wisely.