Morning glory seeds contain LSA (d-lysergic acid amide) that produces a trip similar to LSD. The difference is that there are fewer visuals (if any) and most of LSD's other "body effects" are significantly less. Morning glory seeds produce a mind trip reminiscent of LSD. The quality of the experience is directly proportional to the amount of seeds one can manage to ingest.

From The Complete Morning Glory FAQ:




  • Morning Glory Seeds {Heavenly Blue variety contains the most LSA per seed} (1 seed = ~ 1ug) (50-500ug=1 dose)
  • Petroleum Ether
  • Ethanol-based liquid suitable for human consumption in approximate order of preference:
    Reagent Grade Ethanol
    EverClear or similiar substance
    100 Proof or better vodka or gin
    151 Proof rum
    other beverages 80 proof or better
    - or -
    Water-based beverages (not preferred (nausea))

Processing Methodology:

  • If using treated seeds wash thoroughly in detergent and cold water first.
  • Grind seeds to powder in coffee grinder {or pepper mill}
  • Place powder in jar with a "healthy" qty of petroleum ether. (~360-500 ml/500 seeds (can't use too much, can use too little))
  • Put lid on jar and shake it vigorously for a while. Let stand 20 minutes (you can shake it more if you like) Shake jar, remove lid, and pour suspension into filter (with filter paper in place).
  • Use second jar to catch the petroleum ether than comes through the filter paper. (Windows should be open or do this outside otherwise you will get prematurely in a non-canonical fashion). If some seed powder clings to the side of the jar, rinse it out with some of the filtered ether.
  • When finished, you will have slightly discolored petroleum ether in a jar and the powder on the filter paper.
  • Put the lid on that jar and save it to reuse next time (you can get at least five processing cycles out of it). Dry the seed powder THOROUGHLY.
  • Wash and dry the empty jar.
  • When powder is thoroughly dry, place it back in the jar and add alcohol. The amount of alcohol is critical, since you will be drinking it later, and will vary according to your propensities, tolerances, and the intended intensity of your proposed voyage.
  • For light, recreational use, assuming reasonable alcohol tolerance use 1 oz. of alcohol per 30-50 seeds. For intense meditation use 1 /250 seeds. If you use a high seed/alcohol ratio you will want to prepare a large number of seeds at a time otherwise you will be working with micro-quantities and it gets more tedious (unless you like that sort of thing).
  • Soak the seed powder in the alcohol, shaking frequently, for three days.
  • Filter again, as before. Discard the seed powder (unless you wish to make 'soap'). Keep the alcohol for use. Drink the alcohol to achieve desired effect.

Important: Do not use tap water in conjunction with any part of the seed preparation (e.g. substituting tap water for the alcohol). The chlorine in tap water will destroy the LSA.

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