Sometimes I feel like the ex and I will get back together. But now I learned that it was more than a kiss. Is it immature and childish of me to think, "I don't know if I can kiss those lips again without thinking, 'Yup, this is where his tongue and god knows what else went'?"

I feel divided completely in half on that one. Half of me says yes, it's an emotionally immature reaction that fuels your jealousy, a quality of yourself you hate. The other half says that no, there is something to be said about a physical/spiritual purity that two people establish betwixt one another that she has dirtied with someone else's private parts.

But if this purity exists now shattered, should it bother me, noders? Or am I still a kid, learning for the first time that once someone has your heart, she could gangbang the local fire department, and you'd still cry when you heard your song? Throw me a msg if you're not busy downvoting my personal strife (you know who you are, and yes, i hate you too) and share some knowledge with me. Please.