i'm at some party at my high school, but it's not my high school. it seems to be someone's high school, but it's humongous. everyone i know is there, partying. i find my friend brian (who deals) in some room off another room. he's there with sean and they're selling weed to some kid. brian tells me it's really good, so i buy a 20 bag. the weed is shaped into this little statue of a skeleton dressed up like a jester (a la the grafix emblem). suddenly, a cop, about 6'4", balding, walks in, so i throw the weed on the ground. he indicates he knows i just purchased it, and that we were all under arrest.

the cop leads us out to the main chamber, where everyone is being held. we are told to march out of the building down this huge ramp which winds around and around, like a tremendous spiral staircase. i keep trying to walk faster than everyone so that i can get away from the cop who saw me with the weed. i see lauren. she grabs my wrist and pulls me into her crowd and i blend in. the cop begins talking to an equally large cop, only this one is signifantly older with white hair and a white mustache.