it's easter. deanna gives tom a diet coke from before christmas and tom gets deathly ill. craig, bobby, deana, and i go out to do something. we go to the mall where they're teaching some extreme form of martial arts on some obstacle course in the back. everyone there is wearing either an orange or yellow coveralls. they're learning how to do these kicks which propel them through the air for a good long time. craig, bobby, and i leave to go check on our pot plants.

john is at my house, looking at the plants. there's one thin stem growing out of the soil with two leaves coming off it. john examines it carefully, then tears it out of the soil and stabs it into the ceiling, declaring that that plant's THC content is ridiculously high.

tom calls to tell us that his parents destroyed the rest of deanna's soda supply to prevent her from poisoning any more people.