Water has a lot of incredible properties. It is one of the only liquids that expands and becomes less dense as it cools. Water contracts down to just above freezing, then begins to expand. Without this property when lakes froze everything that lived in the water would die- instead the cover of ice traps heat and enables fish and other water-dwelling animals to hibernate under a floating cover.

Water is strongly attracted to other water molecules because it is partially charged. Because the hydrogen atoms are negatively charged and the oxygen atom is positively charged water molecules tend to cluster together, which has two important implications for life- the property of surface tension as well as capillary action. Capillary action is when water molecules in close proximity are pulled along by the weak bonds between the molecules. Trees use this principle to ensure a supply of water-dissolved nutrients to leaves.

And besides all that, watching the flickering glints of light off the waves in the morning or walking by its glossy blackness at night is soothing. It is something that moves us on a level that can't be explained. Perhaps it is because long ago we lived there and part of us, however dimly, longs to go home.