Not a damn thing to really report other than it seems like everyone at 'home' is having a good time. I came home last night to hear about first jobs, weddings, gigs out of state for new bands, new boyfriends. Yeck! Yes, I'm happy, I'm sickeningly happy for all these lucky bastards that I consider to be part of my extended family. One girl is about to take her test to be a cop, her girlfriend is going to get full management of a store, two of my best friends have just simultaneously landed some very intelligent and needless to say hot guys. It is hard to be optimistic in my head, as I only got a 'hey' from a tree-hugger in history class. I am not BITTER! I hate that word, bitter. It's been an over played term in the B horror flick that has been the last two years. That and 'werd'. But I digress. I hope to be going 'home' in October for a few days to see what all has changed in the whole two months I will be gone. It's amazing how much can change in such a small amount of time.

One really good thing. One of the guys who has hustled one of my girlfriends, is very sweet and very respectable. He is also an incredible artist, far beyond my cpabilities, I can easily say. He and I are going to collaborate on shirt designs, and he wants me to help get his site up....maybe I'll host it. That'll show I'm a good sport. No really, he's a good guy.

Going to be seeing Ani DiFranco soon, that's something to celebrate. Oh, by the way, keep your eyes peeled for a little band called Inspected by 3, particuliarily if you have ever had an interest in punk. Not so much myself, but I will give props where they are deserved. favorite? How Does It Feel to Want?. I'll get the lyrics some other time, and not bore you to tears.

One last thing. I ran into an old friend that I've known for maybe three years. Classical guitar player. I was amazed to look up at the familiar voice calling my name and see what could be a man, but certainly was not a boy. We're going to hang out when I see my parents. I'm not holding my breath. I know I'm still tainted, and besides, I really need to give myself a break.

Ugh. I'm done now. Back to being Anonymous on Campus!