Happy Birthday, Dad.

My girl called today. I called her back after I got the new number for her cellphone. Her ex-girlfriend had the long distance cut off today, and is, as we speak, moving her shit out of the apartment. Why is this happening?

Because I woke up one day a girlfriend stealer.

No, this isn't the reason. Her girlfriend had cheated on her, eight times to be exact, (my angel walked in on two of those times, the others were admitted) before she came back here to visit. She seduced me. Let me just tell you how gorgeous and intelligent she is.

My angel wants to be with me.

I'm freaked out. I like her, I was even crushing pretty hard there for a bit. She's older than me. She only likes other girls, so she has little patience with me. Because I like boys 75% of the time. And she knows I'm still in love with my geek.

I don't know if this is a step I want to take. I have dated girls before, but I know it'll be all or nothing with her, and I will not make a promise I can't keep. Again. I will not be dishonost.

My angel is 25. A capricorn. Studying to become a vet. Is rambunctious. Petite. Large hazel eyes. A vegan. (so I won't take her out for reubens, no biggie). An old school skatechick. A dj. No kidding, I have two of her tapes already. A cute upturned nose. Freckles. Egyptian tattoos. Red and blonde streaked hair. Pierced nose, tongue....and nipples. Feminine. An artist as well. And she makes me feel comfortable in my own skin half the time, and very weirded out the other half. But she refuses to touch a 'puter except for papers and to message me. This is a drawback. She talks more than I do. (is this possible?).

But I like her, and no matter what, we decided we would at least be friends. I just wish she'd stop pressuring me. Hmmmmm......I'll figure it out given some time.