When I was eleven, it was something to want, very badly, in order to feel like I was 'growing up'. At fourteen, it was something to be very ashamed of, thus I made very good friends with razors and waxes. At twenty-two, all I can say is, 'Why?'.

Pubic hair is a strange material, or fur, sprouting from the nether regions of the human body. Some is straight, some curly, some purple, some waxed out of existence. I figure some godhead or deity came up with the ploy in order to keep our delicate parts safe from intrusive objects.

Think about it. Wherever there is an intended orifice, one we were born with, there is generally hair. Nose, ears, even eyes have hair to keep particles and general shmegma out. Why not the genitals? There are openings there too, yes/no?

Granted, I hate the stuff, on me anyway. I understand to some extent its purpose. I, for one, am extremely happy we developed pants. So I can shave to my heart's content and not worry about strange flying objects molesting me on a normal basis.

Which brings me to this question: Will there come a time when we evolve so much, that pubic hair will become as useless as flat foreheads? Or will we be doomed to carry around our own hairiness like a second appendix? Just wondering.