That's it! My cat, Pan, is singlehandedly killing off the squirrel population in my neighborhood! Yesterday, he brought home the third one! And they're huge bastards too. Easily one third of his size.

The first time he did it, I was getting ready two Thursdays ago to make a flight out, when he rushes in the front door, growling at Hank, my brother's dog. I didn't see what he was so upset about until I crouched to look under the wicker chair in the livingroom. He stopped growling and dropped the huge rodent out of his mouth. Purring, as if to say, "Here, Mommy. Brought you sumthin'." I had to hurry to dispose of the thing.

Three nights ago, I walked up to my front door, and he hopped up with another of the buggers in his mouth, dragging it. I said, "You know I'm not gonna let you into the house with that thing." He jumped off the porch, deposited the thing in the bushes, and skidded through the front door.

When I came home last night, my brother said he had heard a rucus in my bedroom during the day. He investigated, and it turned out to be Pan with yet another squirrel, a fresh one, with the head bitten clean off. He was bouncin' off the walls, so pleased with himself. It's like a coming of age thing with him. Ahh....boys will be boys, even if they are also cats. I guess I should be proud? Other than that, I guess no news is good news. Another day in the grind.