North Avenue, North Avenue....Where the people ain't scared of the Boys in Blue.

Shipped Jacob back up to Baltimore two nights ago. His grandad's bad off, and I think he got as much R and R as he needed to get. Kash was upset he was leaving, I knew he needed to get going though, because he has so much to do when he got back. He just got an agent while he was down here, so things are looking up for the boy. DJ Goode and all that.

I got a wild hair on my ass and took the kids down to South Beach this last weekend before Jakey had to head back. We saw Russel, that was great. Club hopping, and 'Digo waking up Sunday morning in a 1950's -esque hotel room going, "Ohhhh, my head. What the hell was I thinking?" Miami. It was fun. And what a great way to start such a busy season for me.

Thanksgiving next week, then Lord Bear's coming down for 5 days the following week. The same day he leaves, Thor arrives by train, (Lucky bastard!) and we start planning the trip in January to AZ. We already have $500 saved for gas money alone, and we are hitting N'awlins again on the way out. Onya and Troy wanna come, but honestly, if we're going to be looking at a house to rent, or property to slap some savings on...and I have school counselors to talk to, we really can't afford to be distracted. I have family to spend time with too, so the trip's gonna be busy as it is. Hey Deb! Get the Montezuma ready for us, we're almost there! I have to be back by the 3rd week in January because that's when my classes start. I plan on Maryland for Spring Break, then classes end in May, and June brings the move. Have I left anything out? 'Prolly.....but s'all right.

And I have a new baby.
I finally stopped by the Humane Society, and let a kitty pick ME out. He's a 3 month old version of Pan. They called him Black Bart, so I went ahead and named him Pirate. My family just got a little bigger.

Yeah, things are still damn good, if not speeding up yet again.