Okay, I know I'm missing something here. Here before me, I have two magazines. One is Maxim, 'For Men' printed beneath name, the other is Cosmopolitan, no printing telling us exactly who it's for. Is it for no one in particuliar? Okay, well, let's go on the assumption that 'Cosmo' is for women. On the covers of both magazines, we have two equally, semi- naked women. (I think the models just issue hop.) We also have catch lines on both, boasting just how much sex they have managed to discuss within each issue. (Not that I'm protesting...). The major difference I can see from the front is Maxim is pushing sex, money and sports ( Hey, I'd like a little money sometimes) and I almost forgot, they have cool toys, while Cosmo is lagging behind with a weak mention of shoes and accessories......and sex. But we cannot judge these rags by their covers alone.

I have to laugh every time I have a male friend over, as generally a copy of both of these magazines is lying on my table, and do you know which one they go for at least eight times out of ten? You guessed it. Hair, nails, hemlines, gossip galore!.....Granted they may have a copy of the newest Maxim at home, but that is outside this experiment. Men love this magazine so much, that they actually have a Men's Agony Column these days.

I don't know, I think I'll let them have 'em, that way I won't feel so badly hiding the Maxim under my pillow, all to myself. Besides, I almost feel guilty reading a Cosmo, I know in my head I don't like their standards. I just wish I could stop getting the odd look from Barnes and Noble cashiers when I pick the new Maxims up. I feel like saying, "Yeah, I know, I know. It'll make me go blind." or "Everyone likes a little T and A now and again."

Until Cosmo talks about something else that I'm interested in.......other than the sex bit.... it will remain a decoration in my living room. The girls in Maxim are just a bit more naked ....and maybe I like that. Or maybe I do read the articles....