June will be a month of flipping between Maryland and Florida again. I have to drive down this weekend to get my whiney, if not endearing, twin out of that mucky swamp. In two weeks after that, my mother's flying me down to visit right before my birthday....at least that's the plan. I will only be able to pull this off if I get that other job. EVERYBODY, light a money candle for me, wouldja?

Talked to Garryn very late last night, I had planned on cancelling my drive down there this coming week, but needless to say, he talked me out of it. He ran into Marcus, my ex-boyfriend, and he's excited to see me....I think, because he asked for Ry to drag me by. Like I wouldn't go anyway. And an Elvis song will be playing on the radio as I drive up, right?

Onya called me in a....not quite panic....that weird guy she was seeing dumped her. No matter....now she's champing at the bit to get up here. Yah! And I get to see Thor....heheheheheeehehehehe!

MY MOTHER THOUGHT I WAS TURNING 24!!! Ah...the side-effects of being adopted. Ma, I'm only 22 right now....why does everyone think I'm older??? So I have highways for stretchmarks....your point??

Um...feeling weird from the tooth still, but nuthin' I can't handle. Getting dragged to a party late tonight. Grrmly asked if I was coming....he could have called me his own damn self. This doesn't have to be strange. That is something to make me smile, though. Be careful, boy. I'll bust out our secret if I have to. "Stop thinking so much, stop thinking so much...."

Waiting to hear back from my father-in-law. He's got something up his sleeve again, told me I had to call last night, I did....now where is he? So I don't know. Now what? Keeping my fingers crossed about tonight, but I ain't holding my breath.

I can't even bring myself to get out of bed for you anymore. Anyone else calls, and I'm shooting out the front door like a rocket.