The third sign in Western Astrology. A Mutable sign, a masculine sign, an air sign, a logical sign. What could be seen as duplicity is merely the attempt to get two great minds to come to an agreement in one head. Incredibly intelligent, the twins have the capabilities to run circles around many other signs. However, they can be very given to obsessing over small details and this is the only thing that slows them down. Amazing communicators, they have the ability to to sway people to their way of thinking. Brilliant, manipulative, indescisive, social, sympathetic, mysterious twins.

Their colors are cyan and yellow, their planet is Mercury, (which they share with Virgo), their stones are most likely citrine, pearl or alexandrite, feel free to argue that with me. The parts of the body they rule are the arms and hands...of course, two of the same that can each do different things. Their tarot card is The Fool, not because he is naive, but because of all of the doors he opens for himself. Geminis generally stear clear of leadership roles, mainly because the wear and tear would be a bother and a bore. They can exude creativity and make for good thespians and photographers. I could write you a list, but how does Angelina Jolie grab you?