Lions and crabs and fish, Oh my!

Ficus' 25th birthday. I hadn't seen him in at least two months, but he's seen me. Everywhere, apparently.

I went down to Insomniato meet Onya, we decided we needed someone to hold hands with going in the joint. She had a lot less to be intimidated by than me. She never actually dated Mayonaise, but Ficus and I had been some weird legendary couple. So we walk in and...

He's almost waiting for me. It was almost as if I were expected. I walk right up to the bar and buy me a black and tan and him a pitcher. "Happy Birthday". He's smiling wanly and asks me if I'd like to have a seat. Just then, Griffin walks in and smacks me upside the back of my head in greeting. Great...that's all I need tonight. I excuse myself, go say hi to a few people, and when I return, the two are attempting to talk to each other from behind the smirks plastered on their faces. I laugh loudly, as I am on my way to getting drunk and getting enough nerve to talk to Ficus about everything that has happened.

I sit down and we talk. One and a half hours go by, with Loopy Dave sitting there mediating. Have I ever told you who Dave reminds me of? Well, here's a hint...he's about five-ten now, really bitchy, incredibly intelligent, a big mouth, born in the year of the monkey...I digress. After that one and a half hours, Ficus turns to me and asks, "So is it true?" I nod. "Congratulations", "No, not really necessary." I hold up my empty left hand and wag it just as Griffin heads torwards the door. "I'll see you later", Griffin says as he eyes lock onto my hand and he digs his way to the door.

Ficus and I end up telling each other how we both really do care about the other, and I apologized greatly for all the craziness I had stirred up. He said it was okay and he hoped he'd see me around more often. We hugged and I gave him our last kiss.

I grabbed Onya and told her I had to make my way home. I followed her until I pulled into Griffin's driveway, where I hopped out and stormed in. "Oh, you're drunk." He says. I lay down on the bed next to him and look into those big green eyes swimming in front of me.

"How'd it go?"

"Fine" I said as I wait for the waves of nausea to fade. "He got rid of the gun, he forgives me, and he still thinks you're a schmuck. I guess you could say he wished me the best. I'm just glad we talked and that's one weight off of my chest."

"Hmph. Don't puke on me."

"I won't. Just turn out the light and shut up. I need some sleep."

"Don't hog the covers."

"Don't try to grope me."

"Are you sure you want to go up north without me?"

"Yep. I'm shut up, you're giving me a headache."