Valentine's Day bites my ass!

"Ain't nothin' workin', ain't nothin' right, there's a hole in me that I can't fill no matter how hard I try." Go to my interview....they only want servers.....did that for too mnay years, sorry. Decide to stop off and pick Griffin up to go have a beer and watch the sunset off the pier. Non stop talking about himself, he asks eventually if it's a cancerian trait to talk about ourselves a lot. I said I didn't know, I know I write a lot about myself, that's all I knew.

Why did I pick him up? Oh yeah, listening to him prattle on makes me forget there is so much shit going on.

Go to the Beach Bar to have some Bass. Eh, whatever.
"So, what did you get me for Valentine's?", he asks and I look at him like he has three heads.
"I didn't realize I was your Valentine"
"Well, Nad doesn't seem to be too interested....and you're my pal so......", You must be joking....

Ugh! I swallowed what little was left in my pint and walked out the window. Yes, the window. That's actually what the Beach Bar is notorious for, the ability to walk through their huge gaping windows. Stanky little dive. I had no comment for him as we hopped into Squirt and I dropped him unceremoniously off at his house. Sorry Thor, I don't have the patience to deal with him tonight.

You think you have panic attacks?

....This is not your beautiful house, I am not your beautiful wife..........