I had a dream I was hanging out with Molly Malone.

You know, "As she wheels her wheelbarrow down the streets far and narrow, crying 'Cockles and mussels, alive alive-o!"

I was in Dublin again, it has been a while since I dreamt of there. But instead of the whisp of the girl I was when I lived there, I actually was walking on those cobblestone streets as a woman. I never dream I'm an adult, and rarely female either.

And there she was, dark red hair, really low-cut blouse, long skirt, flashy blue eyes. Molly, just as in the song. And my, she did look like a tart. She waved at me and told me she had found an inexpensive wagon for me. A gypsy wagon, and she was willing to help me negotiate the price with the owner.....then *POOF!* my brother's friend and his dogs came crashing through the living room. Damn!