Woke up this morning with a toothache the size of the Queen Mother's hat collection. Had stayed at a friend's, and upon waking them, was told that the only painkiller they could prescribe out of the apartment was some Canadian Club. I took about three times the suggested dosage and settled in to continue reading The Professor and the Madman.

I am very particuliar about my whiskey, as liquor stuffs such as Jim Beam just end up making me naked, not really pleasantly inebriated. It's a bit early for an cocktail, five minutes to 8:00, but this thing is so dehabilitating, who the hell am I to complain? (But I forgot to pack my jar-o in my overnight bag.)

Unbreakable. Decent movie up until like the last five minutes. Security, maintenance. I love the symbolism. I related way too much to the wife, and the kid gave me goosebumps. Now, if they could just make a movie about what would occur if one were to marry their archnemisis, then I would truly be impressed.

I made a huge, honkin' lasagna for later in the week...8 lbs. by my estimation, and some really kickass chili. I be a cookin' fool today.

Hornier than usual. Accrediting that to all the nodes I've been upvoting lately that are so centered on the sexual. No. It's all the porn, it's always all the porn. But seriously, must be all the intellectual stimulation. As my friend Gouda said the other day, "Just say SCSI to her once, it'll drive her bananas!"

Softlink me to some fingers and tongue. I'm throwing everything away and writing the book everyone says they'll write. Right now, with my tongue in my cheek and my fingers never idle.