Yet another squirrel. Alive this time. Trying to hide in the plumbing behind my camode. Charming. Chased dog and cat out of bathroom, got squeaked at, threw towel over fugitive, grabbed the rodent and tossed it into a big cardboard box. Waddled out of house with big box, waved as the thing hurtled away from me as fast as it could. Jeez, squirrels! Did I mention that one was obviously male? Screamed one last time that I am indeed getting that cat a bell for his collar.

Banged out 24 prints...5x7's....I decided to float them on matboard. They look good, I am.....pleased? The title is 'Ties that Bind', and pictures two ropes entwined with this organic sloppy heart shape in the center. Done in greens, blues, turquoise, and yellow. Have twenty four in cooler tones, now to do the warm tones. Found the squirrel when I had all of them layed out trying to number them. Lovely.

Was rudely awakened last night, say about one o'clock. I had left my front door open, and had fallen asleep on the couch, as is very usual for me. I was awakened by something coming over and sitting on the loveseat next to the couch. I thought I was seeing ghosts until I heard ficus' big booming voice, "How's it going?"...Um. Can we say, 'may I have my fuckin' privacy, seeing as it's pretty obvious I was sleeping and now am scared out of my wits because you didn't even knock'? He just got up and said good night.

I don't get him. I just really don't.