No storm to hit Florida. This is a good thing. I wasn't there for the last one, but my parents got hit pretty hard. Where I was living actually felt a lot of the effects. I felt a lot of the effects. I wasn't talking to my family at the time, and with the storm, a lot of friendships were washed away as well. I stopped calling. I hadn't given any of them my number because I needed to close a chapter. Emails on both sides were not answered.

I came back home in December of last year, to see where everyone stood, family and friends both. My mom had cancer to deal with, so any old pains were put aside as I sat with her in the hospital. Family works like that. You may never get along with them, but there's a real chance that's the one group of people you have to fall back on. There's also a chance they will dissappoint you the most, but thems the odds. I think it's because we all pulled together that my mom made it through that. She apologized for the things that had passed in the recovery room. She turned around and blamed it all on me again two months later. Hey, at least I did what I knew was right by being there when she needed me the most. The rest weighs on her.

I dropped off a CD and a bottle of Appleton at one friend's house with a birthday card, saying how I hoped he was doing well. A bottle of Jack at one doorstep, Peach Schnapps and Vodka at my old residence. I know they're all still there, but things have changed and we're both long gone. It was meant to play out that way. I love you, if you can hear me.

I hate hurricanes. I can appreciate how the cicadas shut up as they approach, the luminescent purple clouds as they roll in. I love some good old thunder as the heavens just rip open. But it's not worth it. I can't forgive these big storms. I feel as if they stole something fragile from me, washing it out it out into the sea and drowning it.