Lost. Again. In a new place. This is not my beautiful house, and I certainly don't have a beautiful wife. Why the hell did I move myself, my time, my memory to this place? It's devoid of anything familiar other than the objects and the cat I brought with me. My car isn't even something I'm used to, so I drive around in circles, trying to find a niche to belong in this time.

The last time I felt I really belonged somewhere was many years ago. I'm not bitching. I enjoy my portability. But still, could I not have at least brought one person with me? Just one? I feel like making a pact with someone dark and dangerous, that if I never have to feel this way again, they could have my soul when my time here is done.

But how would I do that? There isn't a Lucifer's Wish Hut within miles of here! And even if I got the chance, who would I wish by my side? Someone old? Someone new? Someone borrowed? Or someone else who's blue?

'Traveler', my car's name is Traveler. Maybe because I just found out about my father's old ties with the Irish in Miami. Or maybe it's because I can't stay any place long enough to grow roots. And even though I just got here, I already feel the urge and nerve to turn around and leave again. Walk further down my path. But I can't, so I'll do what I'm supposed to and make camp here.