Today was big...I went up against The Man (i.e. my landlord) and walked away, not necessarily victorious, but certainly feeling good, strong and sturdy. A long story short: he wants me to sign a lease thru August but I leave at the end of April, therefore, I refuse to sign a lease thru August. Ha!

I said, "No, Mr. Landlord, I will NOT bow down to you. You, sitting behind your desk, leaning back in your leather chair, your hair neatly pulled into a ponytail, your New Age books stacked carefully upon your bookshelf. I know you, Mr. Sensitive New Age Guy, and I will not fall for your tricks!"

And Mr. Landlord said, "But, Wimsey, I spent all of this time today drawing up the lease that goes through August. It was a complete waste of time putting together this lease!"

And I said, "Waste of time, my butt, Mr. Landlord! If you hadn't been putting the rip-off of me into writing, you would have been meditating? Sitting cross-legged in front of your desk, muttering your mantra: 'ponytail, ponytail, ponytail'? NO! You probably would have been devising some clever trick to raise my already exhorbinant rent."

So, anyways, now I have to find a new place to live within the next thirty days. I'm not crushed. This apartment has been cursed from the moment it was hit by lightening on August 26, 2001.