A surprisingly good alcoholic beverage, comprised mostly of assorted rums and raspberry flavored liquors, served in an enormous fish bowl-like glass, with dry ice in it to make it very cold and spew lots of cool fog, served in Quark's Bar and Restaurant at the Star Trek: The Experience attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel/casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Available in two sizes: large and large enough to intoxicate a horse.

The only negative aspects of the drink are its abhorent cost ($11 for the small one and $22 for the large one, plus tip if applicable), and the fact that the only bar in the world that serves it closes, amazingly, at 11:00pm each and every night (many other nearby bars in Vegas never close at all).

It is, however, mixed very strongly, is delicious and easy to drink. Even the small size can easily intoxicate two adult males, and the large version is enough to smash an entire group of people completely out of their minds.