A hotel/casino resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the very northern end of the Las Vegas Strip (which "ends" at Sahara Avenue). Its most prominent feature is its very tall tower, which features indoor and outdoor observation decks, a revolving restaurant, a roller coaster that circles the top decks of the tower, and a vertical acceleration ride called the "Big Shot" at the very tip of the tower that launches riders another hundred feet or so above the city. The view of the city from any of the tower's floors or decks is spectacular, and makes the fact that the hotel charges admission for access to the tower (without a reservation at the revolving restaurant) sting even worse. Access to the tower is provided via a cluster of double-deck elevators manned by bored teenagers. You are not permitted to touch the sacred buttons yourself, even though they're very shiny. I have tried this, and been sternly lectured not to do it againe.

The remainder of the resort consists of a generic shopping mall directly beneath the tower itself, a few overpriced restaurants, and of course, lots of slot machines and table games. The hotel's rooms are of decent quality and comfort.

It is frequently noted by tourists and locals alike that the immediate area surrounding the Stratosphere is less than pleasant; if you take to the street on foot from this hotel, you would be wise to head immediately towards the rest of the strip. Hanging around for too long in the area can be hazardous to your health.