As I sit here in this small living room in this depressingly small apartment, many things wander through my mind. With my ex-wife asleep and in her typical hyper-sensitive "any noise including no noise at all will wake me up" mode, I have much time to think. Everything else makes noise.

I lament the mistakes I've made, I long for the people I've lost, I wish I could sleep, I pray for some kind of sollace or rescue from the horrible pain inside me.

More than that, though, the overwhelming thought in my mind right now is this:

Who the fuck builds a one bedroom, one bath apartment and puts the fucking bathroom inside the bedroom?!?!

This is seriously broken. I can't go to the bathroom without going through the bedroom first, and of course that wakes the bitch up. I can almost understand the thought of having a "master bathroom" off the "master bedroom", but, uh, there's only one of each room, and the damned toilet itself is off in what can only be described as a closet with a light and a fan in it. It's fucking carpeted. That's right -- carpet in the room with the toilet in it.

I'm really starting to hate this world.