Heh. Whoops; what I wrote in yesterday's daylog, July 13, 2003, was meant to appear in July 12, 2003 instead. That's what I get for having my brain define days by when I sleep instead of by what the dumb computers say it is.

Had another scare today, but thankfully disaster was averted.

As previously mentioned, we're buying a house. Today is the day our earnest money check, in the amount of $1,000 (sadly, one of the largest checks I've ever written), is finally to be deposited into escrow by the title company. No turning back now. Tomorrow, July 15, 2003, is when my car payment is due. My boss was late in paying me for last week (normally not a big deal, but this week was bad timing), so there isn't enough in the bank account right now to cover both that big check and the car payments.


Thankfully, the boss appeared and paid me, and the money will soon be in the account. At worst, I'll be a day late. The credit union has never punished me for this (only did it once before though, and called ahead of time to ask permission to do so), and they are incredibly flexible about this kind of thing because I have been with them for seven years, have always paid on time (or ahead of time), with few exceptions. And whenever those come up, I always call before the due date and talk to them about the matter.

It's days like this that I regret eating fiber to stay healthy, since that stuff races through you like beans do. It's also days like that that I'm reminded why I love banking at a credit union instead of a cold, heartless commercial bank -- they're not in it for profit, and actually understand that letting someone slide a day or two is more important to the community and the economy than collecting some damned $29.95 late fee is.